Diabetes Classes

I never had Diabetes classes before. I wish I would have… for me, for my father. I wish I would’ve known more about this disease and how to control it back then, before he died. And he was good, really disciplined, so what happened? Lack of information? Lack of resources? But I can’t turn back time, and I can’t regret the past or get stuck in it. I still can do things for me, thinking of my father; and knowing wherever he is, he wants me to be healthy.

I’m going to my first Diabetes class today. I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can, but also getting to meet other people in the area who are dealing with the disease. I love making part of online communities, but it’s nice to meet locals I can become friends with.

I better go and get lunch ready so I can leave early. 🙂

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