Missed one, but good news!

I missed one day for the NaBloPoMo. I was hoping to have some time to post yesterday, but I had a pretty hectic day. It was a great day, though! I had an appointment with my endocrinologist, who seemed satisfied with the results of my last blood tests. Cholesterol levels are going down, thyroid levels are going up, glucose levels can be improved but they aren’t bad. She increased my metformin to 1000 mg twice a day (instead of 500 mg twice a day), and my thyroid hormone.

I’m also losing weight, but I need to exercise more. The best part of the appointment was when Dr. Mercado told me that I can, indeed, get pregnant as soon as my thyroid hormone levels are normal again. And then she informed me that there is no problem with my donating blood. I’ll be doing that on my birthday, next month.

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