I’m not ashamed of being a diabetic

I was working on a survey this morning that happened to be about diabetes. The normal questions about what kind of treatment, or how willing would I be to use insulin… And then the more personal questions about the way I feel about my diabetes. They were asking me if I feel less of a person, or ashamed of my disease. NO, I DO NOT.

Just a few weeks ago, when we went to have dinner with a friend at a local restaurant, I had forgotten to refill my carry-on pill container, so I just grabbed the whole Metformin bottle on my way out. Once in the restaurant, I proceeded to take one of the pills to have with my meal. When we were coming home, my husband asked me “Why did you bring the whole bottle? Don’t do that…” – I got upset. I know he didn’t mean anything bad, but I thought “Well, I am not ashamed of having to take pills, and most certainly not ashamed of being a diabetic. It happens, deal with it.”

I find it sad that there are people who neglect their diabetes care  because they are afraid of testing their blood glucose in public, or giving themselves insulin shots. I have no problem with taking my glucometer out in public. In fact, it makes me feel important, it makes me feel RESPONSIBLE. What if other people feel uncomfortable? Well, that is not my problem, really. I have a chronic disease to take care of, and I’m not going to change my habits just so other people won’t freak out.

It is our job to educate others. So next time I’m in public taking care of my diabetes, and someone looks at me with enquiring eyes, I will offer a diabetes overview. 🙂

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One thought on “I’m not ashamed of being a diabetic

  1. Good going. I’ve gotten over any hesitancy to test in public because my blood sugar comes before someone else’s social comfort level.

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