Do Conferences Help?

When talking to my mother in law this past weekend, I mentioned I may be doing some traveling again this year to attend Diabetes conferences (and I am super-excited about it!). She asked “Does that help you?” — YES! It does… a lot. I need the Diabetes Community to keep me centered because I stray way too often. I love the fact that I can turn in to the DOC, get a reality check, whine about my diabetes, get the support and motivation I need because THEY KNOW HOW I FEEL.

It is true that I can get all the information I want by myself, but being able to share it and discuss it with tens or hundreds of people in one room makes it real, makes it mine. At the same it makes me feel like we’re one big mass keeping each other going, working together on figuring out what’s good and what’s bad. But mostly, making each other feel like we don’t have to go through this alone. We all have the same ideals and we’re making our voices heard, loud and clear.

The DOC is my “niche.” That’s what I do, it’s the role I want to have, and that’s the place I like. And if every year I get to meet with some of the members, have a good time and work hard to make things better not only for me but for everyone… then yes, IT DOES HELP.

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