Are You Trying to Kill Me?

Diabetes Blog Week – Diabetes Bloopers

I was trying really hard to think about something funny/weird that has happened to me with my diabetes and I couldn’t come up with anything until I remembered  this gem:

One day I was testing and my husband approached me with curiosity and said “I wonder how my blood sugar is. Can you test me?” – I’m always willing to indulge people’s masochistic fantasies of being poked with a lancet, so I agreed. After all, he’s a big boy, he could handle it… or so I thought.

My lancet device is set at 3. For some reason, he started playing with it and I didn’t notice. So I proceeded to stick his finger and he screamed banshee. I thought he was being a big baby and he told me “How can you do that to yourself every day? It’s horrible!” I was unable to understand what the big deal was because it really doesn’t hurt that much.

After further investigation, I discovered the lancet device was set on 9. Yes, 9! No wonder. I think I pierced even his soul. His blood sugar was normal, and I don’t think he will request another test for a while.

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4 thoughts on “Are You Trying to Kill Me?

  1. Ouch, 9!!! Wow!! My husband never lets me test him because he’s afraid of the lancet. If he ever comes across your post, I’ll really never stand a chance of getting to test him. LOL

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