10 Things I Hate

Diabetes Blog Week – 10 Things I Hate About Diabetes

1. Feeling  bad after eating something yummy. My brother says “If it tastes good, spit it out because it’s bad for you.”

2. The look some people give me and how guilty I feel for being overweight and diabetic.

3. The fact that I’ve gotten used to hyperglycemia, so sometimes I don’t notice it.

4. How there isn’t a quick fix for a high blood glucose level.

5. Feeling like just another number to my endocrinologist, even if he’s nice.

6. Being so scared of getting pregnant because I don’t want to hurt my baby.

7. My husband’s concern because he doesn’t want to lose me.

8. How little energy I have sometimes.

9. Having to deal with my depression and how it affects my diabetes.

10. Using diabetes as an excuse not to live life to the fullest.

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