D-Blog Week, Day 3: One Thing to Improve

Yesterday we gave ourselves and our loved ones a big pat on the back for one thing we are great at. Today let’s look at the flip-side. We probably all have one thing we could try to do better. Why not make today the day we start working on it. No judgments, no scolding, just sharing one small thing we can improve so the DOC can cheer us on!

Discipline and consistency. I really need to stick to healthy routines and not give up in the middle of a project when things start getting better. It’s self-sabotage and it’s not good at all. Call it testing my blood glucose level more often, keep a food diary to watch what I eat more carefully, exercising every day.

I’m the queen of excuses and I need to put them in a drawer and never take them out again; not when it comes to my diabetes control. It’s always raining, or too hot, or I’m too tired… and that’s all because in my heart I’m always afraid of failure and I convince myself I just won’t be able to reach any goals. The problem is, and this is true, that I don’t set any goals. Maybe that’s the first thing I have to do. But it’s not about numbers, it’s about being able to visualize myself healthier and better and work toward it.

So yes, definitely discipline. That needs a lot of improvement!

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2 thoughts on “D-Blog Week, Day 3: One Thing to Improve

  1. It is hard, but as a nurse I know the complications well. We never get a day off, but we try and do what we can..reminding ourselves that we can control it.and the alternatives are drastic

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