Diabetically Honored

Life hasn’t been all that great lately because it happens, but I can say it’s been mostly awesome especially on the diabetes advocacy side. Last weekend I had the pleasure to see some of my d-buddies when I drove to Indy with Miss @CelloBard; it was a very fun road trip where we worshiped the Great Green Circle (AKA Starbucks), laughed to tears as usual and used many swear words against drivers on the road. We had Simon visiting all the way from Australia, and I’m still waiting for him to write the story about how he got from NYC to Indy because I’m sure a screenwriter will want to make a pretty penny out of it. Mike (@mydiabeticheart) put the meetup down in words, so I’ll spare you my version because it’s pretty much the same, and he writes way better anyway.

At Dave & Buster’s: @betespora, @cellobard, @mydiabeticheart, @stroycrow, @typesuzi, @mhoskins2179, @crankypancreas, Libby, Michael and Melissa.

I’m also looking forward to the end of the month because I’ll be back in Indy for a social media summit and it makes me really happy to see we’re making a difference with our advocacy efforts and our voices are being heard not only by the medical community, but also by pharma companies. This is not about us as social media users or individuals, but about a whole world that believes diabetes can be conquered. I’m extremely lucky to be able to participate in the summit for the 3rd time and I can’t wait to see familiar faces and get to meet people I already feel close to. Being part of the diabetes online community is one of the greatest gifts life has ever given me, especially during times when you need support outside the d-world because life just hits you with everything it’s got.

But what I’m absolutely honored and thrilled about is that I’ve been asked to be part of the DSMA Advisory Board and since the information has been officially released, I want to thank Cherise for putting her trust in me to be a co-host in the upcoming DSMA Live en EspaƱol radio show. I’ve been toying with the idea of diabetes podcast in Spanish for a while, and now I’ve been given the chance to reach out and do what DSMA does best: educate and support. I’m excited to be working with Kiki and I know we’re going to do great things for the Hispanic community that is touched by diabetes. We’re finalizing details about the first show and hopefully we’ll have it going on before the end of the month. We have wonderful diabetes advocates willing to help and who are so passionate about the diabetes awareness cause, I can only see awesome things happening. Hellos to Marcelo and Mila and a big gracias for everything they do!

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4 thoughts on “Diabetically Honored

  1. felicitaciones DSMA tiene suerte de tener usted y viceversa. He utilizado el traductor de google para esto.

    Seriously congratulations – you will be a wonderful addition to the team of people who help make the DOC the incredible place it is.

  2. Hauling through Indiana looking at every exit sign for a Starbucks and not finding one and getting more and more desperate. Coffee. Must have Coffee. We need to worship at the Great Green Circle. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

    Thanks for driving me. Congrats on all the new things in your life. It makes me happy.

  3. Congrats, Bea!!! That is so awesome to hear about DSMA. I’m so glad you and Marie got to be with us in Indy – it was an awesome time, and one that I’m still smiling about more than a week later. Great time, and I can’t wait until there’s another chance to say hey and hug in person! Thanks for being a great person and advocate, my friend!

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