The Right Kind of Inspiration

I’m not one to vent my personal life in public; I find it distasteful. I may post something here and there because feelings get the best of me sometimes, but I try to keep it quiet, or at least inside a very close circle, when it comes to life’s challenges. I’m going through a divorce. It isn’t fun… it’s very painful in fact. The people I love the most know about it and they give me the support I need. For that I’m extremely grateful. I just never thought the Diabetes Online Community would be another source of comfort for me during this time. Not only comfort, but inspiration.

This past weekend I attended my 3rd Social Media Summit hosted by Roche Diagnostics, which I will post more about later. Being there, with old and new friends, showed me that, for me, advocating and working for people with diabetes is not something I do just for fun… It is a passion, it is something I want to do for the rest of my life, it is something I want get better at. And working so hard for DSMA and the community in general has given me a vision of what I want my purpose to be.

I’m kind of tearing up while typing this because I may not be very familiar with epiphanies, but there are times in your life when the road looks really dark ahead, but you can clearly see what’s on the other side. And my road is really dark right now. I’m living every day as it comes, trying to make the best out of a bad situation and trying to figure out what the next step is in order to grow as a person. I think I’ve known what I want to do for a long time… I was just afraid of making it happen, or afraid I couldn’t make it happen. But right now I feel like I can, I know I can. It may take a little while to get there, but I’m looking forward to the ride. Endings are new beginnings and this is my new beginning.

What is this great plan I’m talking about? I don’t have any specifics at the moment, but I can say that what I really want to do is to become is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). I don’t know which route I’m taking yet —probably Nutrition— but I have the right kind of encouragement from people I trust and love, and that is a huge start. I think the A-ha moment came at my therapist’s office when she told me this is the time for me to work on what I really want and she painted a picture of what I can be/do. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it and I’ve taken the first steps already.

So thank you, DOC, for helping me find my purpose and passion… or making it clear.

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7 thoughts on “The Right Kind of Inspiration

  1. ((HUGS)) Bea~! … I feel much of the same, we’ll take it one step at a time…you blessed me very much the past couple of days! xo

    1. Jaimie, I’m glad we got to meet each other and talk. And I’m glad whatever it is I said or did makes you feel blessed. Thank you! Let’s keep in touch.

  2. Oh Bea, I’m sending you hugs. Personal problems can feel so overwhelming and impossible. I’m glad that you had a chance to be around such awesome, supportive people at a time when you needed it so badly. You will be an amazing CDE!! Once you’ve accomplished that goal, let’s look into cloning you. 😉

    1. How sweet of you, Kate. Thank you!

      We actually need to talk. I have an idea after someone asked me if there’s a T2D community. Maybe we could work on something like that.

  3. Sorry to hear what a rough time you are currently going through but I am sure you will emerge a stronger and happier person!
    It’s great to read you have found your calling, best of luck with all you decide to do! 🙂

  4. Bea, you know I am a resource to you as well. You are going to make a difference in people’s lifes. Don’t give up.

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