Non-sense Lows

For about a month and a half I have been experience something that is new for me: Bad hypoglycemia. I’ve seen a few 65+ on my meter before, usually when I wait too long to eat. I start feeling low at around 72-ish, but lately I have seen numbers on the upper 50’s and for the first time in my diabetic life I have felt that horrible numbness people describe. Let me tell you, I am sorry for every person whose blood glucose levels go low often and feels like their lights would go out any time.

Are these regular hypos normal for me? Absolutely not. I have type 2 diabetes and I take metformin. Technically, my medication does not make my pancreas produce more insulin, it just helps my body take insulin better. But here I am, experiencing a daily low, sometimes two, without a logical explanation. I am not waiting too long between meals, I am not overindulging on carbs (rebound and all that), I am not doing a lot of exercise, etc. And believe me, seeing a 56 on the meter, even with accuracy issues, was not a good thing.

So I called my primary care doctor yesterday because I knew I would get a hold of her faster than my endocrinologist. After many questions, the nurse had her call me back and I was hoping she would say it was only a question of lowering my metformin dose. It turns out she cannot explain what is happening to me; it could be the medication, it could be something else. She asked me if I had other symptoms like headaches, nausea, etc. And of course my mind started going places… like WebMD, to look for symptoms and pancreas and all that scary stuff.

This morning, my PCP contacted my endocrinologist so they could figure something out given the fact that as of now I do not have health insurance. Advice was to stop the metformin all together, see how it goes and call back in a week. If blood glucose levels do not go low, then there will be a medication adjustment. But if I am still having hypos, they will have me come in for tests. Hearing your doctor say “I really do not know what is going on, this is not normal,” is not a very reassuring thing.

So here I am, on diabetes limbo, and hoping it is just a medication issue. Not having health insurance is frustrating, especially when I try to take good care of myself and my body just decides to riot against me. My gland are just unhappy.

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2 thoughts on “Non-sense Lows

  1. Ouch Bea. You’ve got all the mojo I can muster. It’s headed your way via mind wave. I know it’s not easy regardless of the type of D. Lows are generally not that fun, especially when you’re not expecting them.

    They scare the pee out of me sometimes, literally and figuratively 🙁

    But unexpected lows and adding no health insurance to the mix on top of everything else… Believe you me, I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’ve been without health insurance for most of my D-Life. I’ve no doubt that others do too. I know one thing for sure. We’ve got your back. Please remember that!?. 🙂

  2. Bea… sorry, I’m a little behind on my reading. I hope things are better in the last week or so. It’s hard, as you know, because our bodies don’t act the same every day. Even if we eat the same things, exercise the same, do everything the same.

    But trust me when I say that you’re doing all the right things, even if the results aren’t always what you’d like. Keep it up.

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