The One With the Giveaway

Most  people believe that being Colombian automatically makes you a coffee lover. If you ask me I’ll probably say yes. Coffee is a staple in my house (well, my mom’s house) and there is always coffee brewing for a “tintico.” I remember there was always a thermos with coffee on my grandma’s table, So yeah… coffee… the elixir of life.

It wasn’t until I moved to Canada that I realize how many ways of serving coffee there are. Some I like, some I hate. Now coffee has become an luxury for some, and what gets to me the most is how complicated it is to order a coffee these days; tall, grande, venti, non-fat, yes-fat, three shots, no shots. Oh, my God, what happened to a regular café con leche?!?!

However, there is one thing I love about different ways to drink coffee. Enter coffee creamers! Yes, I love how you can fancy up that cup with so many wonderful flavors. But I’m partial to the perfect partner, Coffee Mate. Why? I don’t know… maybe it’s because I like Nestlé or I’m just more familiar with it. In any case, Coffee Mate has done a great job bringing the fancy coffee house to our house.

If you ask me what my favorite flavor of Coffee Mate is, I will never give you an answer. It depends on my mood, it depends on what I’m looking for. But one thing is sure, I do love the sugar-free version! To me, it makes my coffee taste and look more like the usual café con leche I grew up with, and there’s the added bonus to not raising my blood sugar levels too much. Of course I was going to mention diabetes in the post!

OK, I wasn’t going to bore you with stories about coffee for nothing… There’s a  giveaway with some neat coffee-related items (believe me, they’re fantastic!). It’s easy… just leave a comment sharing what your favorite flavored coffee is. Yes, it’s that easy. The winner will be picked randomly (I’ll have my cat draw the number!)

Prize packs will include:

· Branded coffee mug
· Sterling silver coffee charm
· AMEX gift card
· Coffee-mate full-value coupons
· Patterned napkin

And you really want one of these! I know you want it… you really do!

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9 thoughts on “The One With the Giveaway

  1. I am addicted to coffee… And insulin 🙂 I love my mochas and white mochas. Iced or hot depending on the weather, but I love the taste of strong coffee!

  2. Like you, picking the perfect flavour depends on many different circumstances. My current favourite Coffee Mate flavour is Dark Chocolate Fudge.. wait.. Spiced Latte.. wait.. Italian Sweet Crème.. wait.. *sigh* Too many to pick just one. It’s a good thing there are multiple days in the week, I can have a new one each day! Now, if only I could find a Spiced Rum creamer. YUMMY!!

  3. I commented on your FB page, then figured out I should do so here, to enter. I love coffee just to taste like COFFEE, but a little bit of vanilla or hazelnut is great sometimes. We usually mix a small amount of flavored ground coffee into a big can of plain. It’s good almost any way it’s made!

  4. I love the Starbucks salted mocha! I add a little extra salt around the cup rim. It’s delicious!!

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