Have you checked your eyes lately?

Read on Medical News Today.

With diabetes rates continuing to rise in America, the American Academy of Ophthalmology is calling for screenings for diabetic retinopathy during November’s Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness month. The disease affects 5.3 million Americans. People with diabetes are 25 times more likely to become blind than those who do not have the illness. Loss of vision can often be prevented or reduced if the disease is detected and treated early.

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

I found the link to this news at TuDiabetes.com:

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine have discovered that inflammation provoked by immune cells called macrophages leads to insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. Their discovery may pave the way to novel drug development to fight the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes associated with obesity, the most prevalent metabolic disease worldwide. (Read more…)

I learnt that inflammation may worsen Diabetes, but now it’s been identified as a cause. The article states that obesity may be disassociated with Diabetes directly, but I sure hope more people take the necessary steps, if they are overweight (like me), to improve this aspect of their lives and avoid other complications such as heart disease.

Green tea is good, it seems.

Found at the Diabetes Daily forum:

If you suffer from diabetes, drink plenty of green tea every day.  It’s just as effective – and far safer – than the world’s leading anti-diabetes drug Avandia (rosiglitazone), which also increases the risk of heart attack by 43 per cent.

Read more of this at What Doctors Don’t Tell You.

Food is our curse… Seriously!

I checked my blood glucose this morning, and it was 123 mg/dl. It gets frustrating when I can’t see two digits on the glucometer, but then I remembered I didn’t take my metformin last night (shame on me!). That is what happens when… GASPS!… I don’t eat a complete meal. I’ve been anxious and a little depressed during the last few days, but that is no excuse to neglect my nutrition.

But instead of getting upset, I got pro-active and started making breakfast. Then I read the label on the supposedly healthy bread my husband bought for me. Oh, those omega-3 are good for your health, and the fiber! Wrong! 38 g of carbs per slice, 100 calories per slice, and only 3 grams of fiber. Disappointing. From now on I will get my own stuff, so my poor husband doesn’t have to guess what’s good or not. I’m the one with the information, I should use it.

For those of us who love bread… This could be tricky.