The Reality of Nerve Damage

Even in pre-diabetes, high blood glucose levels can cause nerve damage. I think I went non-controlled for too long, and now I’m facing the consequences. My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has gotten worse in the past few months and it has been driving me nuts during the last two weeks. The lack of sleep, the pain, the numbness… It’s annoying, it’s my fault.

I’m now sleeping with bracelets and it has helped a lot. I’m also undergoing a nerve study hopefully soon because my rheumatologist told me it would be a good idea. Hello? I’m typing and I can feel the tingling. I’m taking anti-inflammatory meds already and it seems to be working. I’m being tested for Lupus, but I seriously think it’s all diabetes-related.

Anyway, it’s just reality knocking on my door. At least my levels are “normal” now.

Back from Chicago, and OMG!

We had a pretty busy and eventful weekend. Stupid move: I didn’t bring my glucometer with me. I took my meds religiously, but the meter would’ve come very handy on Saturday afternoon when we got into a nasty car accident.

We were riding with a friend to the store, when a guy came out of a parking lot and hit us pretty hard. Thankfully nobody got injured, but I’m sure my blood glucose went up from the stress. I know when it’s high, I feel weird. Not to mention there was as birthday party to attend… and the FOOD… Anyway…

I’m glad to be home and back to my routine. I’ll make sure I keep posting on this weblog.

Every 10 Seconds

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