Balanced Sugar Levels

From Diethack, a very good health oriented weblog:

To keep a steady and long lasting flow of glucose to the brain, we need to consume the highly branched carbohydrates so as to avoid eating all day long. This good habit will helps us on the other hand from picking up weight and keep us away from diseases like diabetes. Diabetes is a situation where the body is unable to self-monitor its level of sugar, bringing disorder to the stable organism’s environment. Complications of diabetes include renal dysfunctions which can lead to renal failure, eyes problems and brain damage.

Here are some tips to keep balanced glucose levels.

My Diabetic Tool Kit

I don’t use insulin, being that I have a Type 2 Diabetes that responds well to medication, but I thought I could ask what items should I put in what I want to make my Diabetic Tool Kit (you know, apart from the testing items and the glucose tablets). I have some extra money that I made babysitting, and I decided I’m going to buy me a snazzy looking little purse. 😉

So, what do you usually carry around?

Some sad numbers…

There are 20.8 million children and adults in the United States, or 7 percent of the population, who have diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association, including 6.2 million people (or nearly one-third) who are unaware that they have the disease. Add to that the 54 million people in the United States who have pre-diabetes.

And it is everyone’s job to educate and create awareness. According to the Center for Disease Control there was a 153 percent increase in diabetes diagnoses from 1994 to 2005.

Diabetes 365

I’ve tried to join 365 days groups on Flickr, but I can’t stick with them. I love taking photos, but there are days that I simply don’t have any interesting subject to show. However, when it’s for a good cause, or to stay motivated about my own health, I think it’s a great idea to play.

That is why today, November 1st, I decided to join the Diabetes 365 group on Flickr. I will try… Let’s hope that in a year I will have my mission accomplished.

November = Diabetes Awareness

World Diabetes Day - November 14

Nearly 21 million children and adults in the United States only are living with diabetes, and another 54 million people are at-risk. But those aren’t the only faces affected by [tag]diabetes[/tag]. If you are a parent or loved one caring for someone with diabetes, your face is in the picture too. (ADA)