More Fingersticks?

Have you ever seen the fingers of a person with diabetes? Mine don’t actually look like that because I manage my condition with medication rather than with insulin and I don’t have to prick my dedos very often. Now the question is, why would I want to prick my fingers more often? I won’t lie to you, one gets used to the lancet, but it hurts (ask my husband). I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like for people who have to check often.

However, I’ve been thinking if it’s right for me to test my blood sugars only 2-3 a week. I think I’d feel more comfortable with once a day, so I can test every day at a different time to actually have a good idea of how my pancreas/liver/cells combo reacts to what I eat, my activity levels, etc. Is that unreasonable? While the medical community agrees that people who don’t use insulin don’t need to test daily, I’m just not sure it helps in the long run.

Sure, we non-insulin peeps don’t have to deal with that many lows, and the A1C may give us a decent idea of how our blood sugars have been, but an average doesn’t really tell you about day to day levels. What if you’re sick? What if you ate something you thought wouldn’t raise your levels, but it actually did? How do you know what is your bad time of the day? If I go by symptoms, that doesn’t help because sometimes I don’t even feel like my levels are high unless I’m super jittery and that’s because the level is really high.

I guess I better talk about this post with my endocrinologist when I go see him next week. I want to have a better understanding of how my body works and I think keeping more records about my blood sugar levels will help.